Top 5 Winning Tips for Playing Online Slots


Top 5 Winning Tips for Playing Online Slots

First of all, slot machines are random. We all know that by now, right? All online slots use a computer program called a random number generator or RNG. This program, as you might have guessed, arbitrarily determines the numbers that will land on each reel once they stop spinning. It can be considered the very essence of a game of chance because it’s a hit-or-miss and unpredictable action. But what if I told you people have been devising strategies to actually foretell the outcome when playing slots?

Have I got your attention? Let’s look at 5 of the ways to better your online slot machine odds.

1. Play for fun

One important thing you have to keep in mind, is that the random number generators are programmed so as to give the casino an advantage. However, this does not mean you cannot walk away a winner. Nevertheless, knowing this little piece of information will let you go into your gambling session with appropriate expectations. You will probably have some unavoidable loses, but as long as your goal is to have fun and score some occasional wins, you should feel much better about your outcome in the long run.

2. Try free slots first

There are tons of online casinos nowadays offering their customers a chance to play for free. Why is that? You might be tempted to ask. The answer is also related to temptation. As all slots are different, analyzing and getting a feel for the rules and mechanics of a particular slot machine, will make you more likely to enjoy playing it and exploring your options. Upping the stakes is simply another level in your strategy. This has become a very popular method of playing online slot machines and it’s great because it makes the process more fun and less stressful.

3. Information is key

Get all the available information you can about the slot machine you want to gamble at before starting to play. This means checking out the paytable, wilds, scatters, bonuses, basically anything you can find in the menu. There is another crucially important factor to be on the lookout for here, and that is the RTP. This stands for Return to Player and it represents the percentage of the money that has been wagered and will be payed back to a player in time. Here you should be looking for the highest number, over 95% is ideal. Some online slot machines don’t even reach 91%, so it’s probably not worth wasting your time with these lazy slots, trying instead some of the more lucrative ones.

4. Bet the Max

Even though it might seem like an ill-advised thing to do, making it seem like the risk is high, betting the largest amount of units on the entire number of lines of an online slot machine actually offers the most chances not only to score a win, but also to land combos that will trigger bonus rounds. It’s also a sure-fire way of keeping everything more interesting and exciting, and this is probably the main reason you’re into playing online slots ( anyway.

5. Don’t chase your losses

Chasing your losses might seem extremely tempting in the moment, but it is a rookie mistake, one that you will eventually end up being sorry for. Remember the first item on this list? Playing online slot machines is bound to loose its appeal once you start reeling in massive loses. It is then that the sense of excitement brought on by the thrill of the gamble, turns into a bitter feeling, similar to contempt or retaliation. Watch out for the moment this happens and when you think you’ve reached it, turn back. Since all slot machines are random, there is no way you can figure out what will happen next, so even though chasing losses works in certain situations, it might be best to avoid.

All in all, the thing to take away from any experience, whether it be playing slot machines or any other gambling game for that matter, is to stay within your budget and just have fun. Being responsible opens up many more doors to enjoying the action of playing the game, like strategizing and practicing your observational skills. So give those a shot and luck will be sure to follow! Enjoy!

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