How Wagering and Playthrough Requirements Actually Work


Bonuses are just one of the reasons for the booming popularity of online casinos. The way they are presented and awarded can prove to be extremely valuable for defining the relationship between a casino and its customers, especially when newcomers join.

The ‘Terms and Conditions’ Document – Read it!

The first thing to note, before we start to analyze today’s topic, is the fact that reading the Terms and Conditions is essential for understanding the exact requirements of the bonus you are trying to get. Always read the Terms and Conditions and, in case you don’t understand something, please contact customer support. This is a great way of knowing beforehand what your end goal should be and how you should go about accomplishing it.

Wagering in online casinos

‘To wager’ is another way to say ‘to place a bet’ or ‘the amount of money being risked in a bet’ therefore, using the term ‘wagering’ or ‘playthrough’ is the same when defining cashout requirements. They both refer to the rules a player has to follow in order to get the bonus to pay and withdraw the corresponding sum.

Multiple types of bonuses:

There are two main categories of bonuses you can find in online casinos.

✅ Cashable Bonuses

We could call this type of bonus a take bonus, as it offers players the chance to cash out the bonus and collect the profits, assuming they have completed the specified demands.

✅ Sticky Bonuses

This kind of bonus is meant to offer gamblers the chance to play more by offering them money to bet with, but that they cannot withdraw. What they can withdraw, however, is the sum that they won, simply not the money making up the initial bonus used to gamble for that win.

The following are some examples of selective bonuses you might have heard of:

  • The No Deposit Bonus is the most popular type of bonus online casinos tend to use. This means the casino simply offers the player a sum of money when they sign up to play.
  • Getting a Free Money Bonus means that you get a fixed bonus and the amount you deposit doesn’t influence its value in any way. In other words, the sum you receive from the bonus stays the same, whether you deposit $50 or 200$.
  • Receiving the Loyalty Bonus means you have already been gambling in the specific casino for a while and have reached a certain level of commitment which you will be rewarded for.
  • The Exclusive Bonus is exclusively available to members of a specific website the casino is collaborating with.
  • The Match Bonus is also a more popular type of bonus out there because, like the No Deposit Bonus, it is given to first-timers. The player gets his or her deposits doubled after making it. More simply, the casino matches the player’s deposit.

different type of bonus

Some details to consider

Because playthrough requirements can be found in the Terms and Conditions page of an online casino, each establishment has full freedom of constructing these requirements as they see fit.

Sometimes, you might notice a casino modifying percentages according to specific games (usually roulette and blackjack) so as to account for the budget invested in offering the wagering requirements in the first place.

Certain games might even be eliminated from the bonus conditions altogether, making them irrelevant for your final payout. For instance, if roulette is omitted and you make money by playing it, you won’t be allowed to cash out a winning bonus because this particular game was not included in the Playthrough Requirements, to begin with.

Some casinos might eliminate the bonus and wins completely if a player tries to cash out without meeting the requirements. So don’t try to rush the process, make sure you have completed all the needed stipulations first.

Don’t worry too much about it

In some situations, overthinking things can tend to be destructive rather than helpful. This is why, after reading and understanding what you have to do to get a bonus, you are better off just playing and enjoying the activity you went there to do in the first place. Casino games are meant to be fun and exciting, so get out there and see what luck has in store for you today! Good luck!

How Wagering and Playthrough Requirements Actually Work
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